31^ Rally del Casentino





Crew's comments at the end of the rally

At the end of the rally, Matteo's words were: "It was a nice rally, the car has hugely improved its set-up and its motor performance. It was just a shame we hit the rim, so we had to stop into the stage and change the wheel".

Gamba - Inglesi al 31^ Rally del Casentino




Onto the last stage (Talla 35,44 km lenght) the crew suffered a puncture which costed them quite 6-mins-delay. The gap among the other S2000 competitors doesnt allow Matteo and Emanuele to keep the 2nd position, so tehy fall in the 4th position.



The rally is going good: Matteo and Emanuele are becoming confident on the Proton Neo Satria S2000, ending the stage Caiano in 7'07.4 and the Barbiano in 5'39.8, keeping the 2nd position in the S2000 class and the 10th position overall.
The last stage is the only now missing and Matteo is wanting to fight for the lead.



Matteo is keeping the 2nd position, ending the stages Crocina and Dama in 14'46.0 and 12'57.8.




After the former 3 stages the crew Gamba-Inglesi, onboard the Proton Satrian Neo S2000by AGL Motorsport is keeping the 2nd position in the S2000 class after the stage Dama, run in 13'11.7, Caiano in 7'11.9 and Barbiano in 5'43.0





After the opening 2011 season's wins at Rally Internazionale dei Laghi in Varese and at Rally Prealpi Orobiche in Bergamo, the crew Gamba-Inglesi is ready for a new challeng at the 31st Rally del Casentino.
They will change car for this time -as they wont be onbolard the Peugeot 207 S2000as usual, but they will be onboard a the proton Satria Neo S2000 by the AGL Motorsport.


Proton Neo Satria S2000